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Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Email: nasiraei{at}aut{dot}ac{dor}ir
















PhD, Bioengineering 2007

 Thesis: Measurement and Analysis of Structure and Function of Myocardium in Embryonic and Adult Heart
     Advisor: Prof. Morteza Gharib

UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN, IRAN M.S., Electrical Engineering: Biomedical 1998

Thesis: Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields Distribution in MRI systems in Human Head Presence
     Advisor: Prof. Hamid Soltanian Zadeh

UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN, IRAN B.S., Electrical Engineering: Electronics 1995


Assistant Professor August 2010-present

Amirkabir University of Technology, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Tehran, Iran

  • Teaching courses at graduate level (MRI, Medical imaging system, Cardiovascular Mechanics)
  • Defining research projects and advising graduate students towards performing their thesis
Researcher – Neuroimaging September 2011-present

School of Cognitive Sciences, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) , Tehran, Iran.

  • Doing research on steady state based fMRI techniques
  • Planning and running workshops on fundamental MRI concepts and techniques used in Neuroimaging
Assistant Researcher - Magnetic Resonance Physicist                                                                
UCLA, Diagnostic Cardio-Vascular Imaging section, Los Angeles, CA
2009-July 2015
  • Design, development and performance of novel MR imaging techniques for cardiovascular diagnosis
  • Collaboration with research scientists from industry (Siemens Medical Solutions)
  • Sequence development and pulse programming of the Siemens scanner in the IDEA environment
Magnetic Resonance Staff Research Associate                                                                           
UCLA, Diagnostic Cardio-Vascular Imaging section, Los Angeles, CA
  • Software/algorithm design/development for cardiovascular system modeling & image processing
  • Lecturing research MDs in relevant aspects of physics and mathematics
Research Assistant 2003-2006

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

  • Assessment of cardiovascular dynamics and muscle band theory through Medical Imaging
  • Quantitative analysis of biofluid dynamics and image velocimetry
Technician Researcher  2001-2003

Washington university/Barnes-Jewish hospital, Saint Louis, MO
CVIA Lab/Cardiology Division

  • Performing research on Cardiovascular MRI (Phase Contrast): imaging and factor analysis
  • Studying the hydrodynamics of pathological vessels through PC MRI and CFD




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A. Nasiraei Moghaddam, “CARDIAC MRI CURVILINEAR TAGGING,” Pending patent (WIPO Patent Application WO 2012106574 A3 - US 20130320978Al and EP 2670302 A2).
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A. N. Moghaddam, “Method of Reducing SSFP MRI banding artifact,” Provisional patent.
A. Nasiraei Moghaddam, “Fast & Accurate Polar Tagging of MRI Imaging for Assessment of Cardiac Function with Reduced Data Acquisition,” Provisional patent.




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