Cardiac MRI

Magnetic resonance image tagging is a well-established visual method for noninvasive assessment of myocardial deformation. In current magnetic resonance practice, a rectilinear pre-saturation grid over the heart is used for this purpose, while the polar coordinate system adapts best to the morphology of the heart. In this research group, sequences that allow the CMR (cardiovascular magnetic resonance) Tagging in the circular and radial direction have been developed. These developed sequences facilitate the presentation and calculation of the myocardium mechanics. The potential of a polar coordinate tagging system for quantification of circumferential myocardial displacement in a variety of clinical conditions has been illustrated. The other advantage of this advanced tagging technique is evident with the CIRCOME method, which is an application for strain measurement from these images. Also, this new tagging method provides new insights into cardiac regional and global rotational motion and has simplified quantifying LV twist. The general aim of this section is to develop sequences and algorithms for achieving real-time myocardial mechanical imaging.




Related Projects

  • Improving the Quality and Speed of the Strain Imaging through CMR Polar Tagging [Shokoufeh Golshani, Msc.]

  • Reconstruction Based Approach for Rapid Analysis of CMR Tagged Images [Ali Aghaeifar, Msc.]

  • Accelerated MR Angiography through decreasing the phase encoding steps: Comparison of Parallel acquisition and Compressed Sensing [Jafar Zamani, Msc.]

  • Effects of blood flow on SSFP MRI: quantification and artifact reduction [Saeid Ahmadinia, Msc.]

  • Rotation and Torsion Investigation in patient with Cardiac contraction abnormalities using emerging Tagging techniques [Raziyeh Kaveh, Msc.]

  • Semi-automatic segmentation of the myocardium using the anatomical information of subsequent frames of MRI [Azadeh Nazemorroaya, Bsc.]

  • Diagnosis of Abnormal Heart Wall Motion Using Moire’ Patterns formed from Tagged MRI Images [Elham Bagheri, Bsc]


Selected publication

Full paper

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  • Golshani Sh., Nasiraei-Moghaddam A. “Efficient Radial Tagging CMR Exam: A Coherent k-Space Reading and Image Reconstruction Approach,” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, March (2016).

Conference Papers & Abstracts

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