MR Safety

Large-scale using of Magnetic Resonance (MR) procedure in various aspects of clinical experiences cause scientists to research on the health effects and safety issues of this diagnostic modality. Specifically, there are many people who may have metallic implants or foreign metallic object in their body who need magnetic resonance imaging for prognosis. For these patients concern for safety have been raised in regard to three distinct fields used in MRI: Static magnetic field, time-dependent gradient, radio frequency (RF) transmission field. Moreover, correction of metal artifacts to reach a clinical image is important.

We work to better perceive the risks associated with MR-Scanning of patients with foreign metallic objects. In addition, our researches mostly concentrate on the Electromagnetics concepts behind the Safety-issues. Ultimate goal is to reach practical procedures which helps the patient to have safe exam or at least to mitigate severity of the exam and also produce the clinical images by reducing the metal-induced artifacts.  


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